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The Current Price Paid for Anything


1 - Click Login on the home page



2 - Fill out the "New User" requested information and select a password


 3 - The Login Home Screen - Dash Board



  • Click the Last Price Paid Logo will take you to the home search page where you will be looking for pricing infos;
  • The Welcome "Your Name" Will always bring you back to the dash board page you see above;
  • The Profile link allows you to modify your password and other personal information;
  • The Databases link will bring you to the list of all your databases.  The ones you have uploaded and the one you have access from other suppliers.  You also have the option to enable or disable specific databases from your search results.  More on this later.
  • The Take Off link shows you all the take off you have put together.  Allows you to reopen them to update prices, modify or export the take off in an excel format or pdf;
  • The Add item link allows you to update a single item in an existing database or create a new one;
  • Billing presents the invoices to your account;
  • Logout to move on to something else;
  • Upload database is available to upload complete database from an CSV file (compatible EXCEL spreadsheet);
  • Upload images is required to present pictures of the product associated in the database;
  • Upload files is required to match datasheets, instruction manuals, drawings of your product and link it with the products in the database.


4- Making a Search and Building a Take Off


select the item that matches what you are looking for and then, select the transaction and price discount that matches the quantity, payment terms etc. you are looking for.




 Confirm that the product has been added to the current take-off



5- Check your completed take-off for exactness, saving, export to pdf or CSV file compatilble with Excel;


If this is not answering what you are looking for, you want to inform us of something that is not working or want to to suggest improvement to our product, contact :

We will get back to you within 24 hours.


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