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The Current Price Paid for Anything

About Last Price Paid


Last Price Paid is a Canadian incorporated company that privately publish price lists in an online software.

Our mission is to give The Right Price to the Right Customer.

The objectives of our corporation is to :

  • Improve the quality, validity and completeness of the price lists available to businesses;
  • Increase the pertinence of the information presented on price lists by merging them with catalogues and other documents (data sheets, pictures, drawings etc.);
  • Reduce the dependence of the local sales people to receive price information;
  • Inform the exact price that needs to be paid and the exact discount table specific to each customer;
  • Improve the hit rate for suppliers by allowing them to spend more time with customers ready to purchase;
  • Cut the time required for customers to gather budget prices.


The users have the ability to create take off, include discount, export take off, share transaction experience with suppliers and calculate the total cost of projects from the various database they have access.

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