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Giving the right price to the right people


Last Price Paid is designed to upload complete price lists and manage the various price point according to each customer in your audience.  Your customers, when granted access to your price list find your complete catalogue, the way they are suppose to see it.  Each customer discount, terms and conditions, price validity and other specifics is preset.  The price list and the catalogue is presented as an item and the transaction prices are presented below the item.  So all prices are customers specifics, meaning that customer A will not see customer B prices. 

Automating this part of the sales cycle reduces the time spent by internal sales people so they can concentrate on more complex project and less on budget pricing requests.


Presenting valid price list everyday


Modify the price list as soon as you need to change pricing to your customers.  Instead of relying on pdf files or printed catalogue, you can upload new price lists anytime.  It is very easy to change the price of single item.


Tracking customer traffic for each item on your list


Track the usage of your prices.  By having the list on our secure server, you have the tracking usage of each of your customers.  Allowing to adjust prices, see the impact of your current marketing campaign and see who's got large potential orders coming.


Finding new customers


By making your price list semi-private on last price paid, your items will appear for potential new customers when they search similar items.  Your prices will stay private.  New customers will have to get your approval before they get access to your price list. 


Cross-selling to existing customers


Having your complete price lists including all your new products everyday in front of each of your customers and in all your customers search for pricing gives a new vehicle to present what you have to offer.


Revising old take-off


Your customers can update old take off created for budget purpose and see if the prices have changed, new discount or price increase will be taken care of and the sum of all the items will be updated automatically. They can export them in excel cvs format or pdf into their own proposal or in a report tools for managers.


Loading items one by one is free.

To upload complete database, please contact us at . We have many ways to help you.  We could structure your customized database and upload your price list within a week. 

For public items, we guarantee that the name of your product along with "price paid" on a Google search will come up on the first page results within 3 months.  If it doesn't, the next three months will be free of charge.


Try it -> 

 or contact us and we will grant access to one of our demo price list so you can evaluate how it can help you :




You can create items directly with the following process.  This process needs to be done with each item.  You can upload database with subscription.

1 – Create an account and Choose "add an item";

2 – Enter the item you wish with all details relevant to the transaction. 

3 - Save your item and transaction. 

4 - Test your item to see if it's available.  You will receive request to get access to the content of the transaction details.  You can accept or reject the requests. 

5- Invite your customers and manage their access to the items you have uploaded.


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